Modernizing a Century-Old Home with Eagleview Construction: Charity and Jason’s Experience


In the community-centered city of Kitchener, Charity and Jason faced a challenge with their historic home. The structure had charm but needed significant updates to meet the needs of their family life. This prompted them to look for a renovation team that could revitalize their space while maintaining its historical integrity. Eagleview Construction came highly recommended and proved to be the right choice for their extensive home renovation.

Charity and Jason’s home, with its years of history, presented unique challenges. The attic space was initially unusable, and the main floor layout did not fulfill the functional needs of their active family. They needed a contractor who could transform these areas into comfortable, usable spaces without sacrificing the home’s character.

*Our Design Packages are specifically tailored to 
your project's requirements.
*Our Design Packages are specifically tailored to 
your project's requirements.
Custom Home Renovations

Homeowner's Needs

The goal was clear: convert the attic into a functional master suite and redesign the main floor for modern living. The couple sought a renovation team that prioritized open communication and respected their vision

EagleView Construction Approach

Charity and Jason chose Eagleview Construction based on positive feedback about their clear communication and transparent practices. Throughout the renovation process, Eagleview’s team kept the couple informed, making decisions as if it were their own property being renovated.

Exterior Home Renovation


The project involved an extensive remodel, including a complete overhaul of the attic to add a master suite, and a reconfiguration of the main floor to better suit a modern lifestyle. Eagleview's established process ensured that the renovation was completed efficiently and within the agreed budget.

The renovation exceeded Charity and Jason’s expectations. The attic was transformed into a spacious master suite, offering a peaceful retreat. The main floor renovation improved daily life by enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the space.

Jason noted, "They treated our project with the care as if it were their own home... They didn’t cut corners." Charity added, “We wholeheartedly recommend Eagleview. We’ve even thought about the next project we could do with them.”


The story of Charity and Jason illustrates how thoughtful design and skilled execution can revitalively alter a living space. Eagleview Construction not only updated a house but crafted a home that beautifully suits the needs of its owners.

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