Crafting a Dream Home: A Century-Old House Reimagined with Eagleview Construction


In the quaint Mary Allen neighbourhood, Koichi and Marguerite faced the challenge of modernizing their century-old home without losing its historical charm. Their journey with Eagleview Construction transformed their space into a functional, bright, and welcoming home tailored to their family’s unique needs.

*Our Design Packages are specifically tailored to 
your project's requirements.
*Our Design Packages are specifically tailored to 
your project's requirements.
Custom Home Renovations

Homeowner's Needs

The main hurdle was the home’s original layout, particularly the small kitchen that hindered family activities. They also needed to reconcile differing tastes in colour and style—Koichi preferred neutrals, while Marguerite favoured vibrant colours.

Choosing Eagleview Construction

What set Eagleview apart for Koichi and Marguerite was the company’s attentive and adaptable service. Unlike other builders who presented predefined solutions, Eagleview listened and developed a plan that reflected all the homeowners' specific desires and needs.

EagleView Construction Approach

Eagleview Construction worked closely with the couple through three different design iterations, ensuring each aspect of the renovation met their expectations. The process was collaborative, with a focus on finding the perfect balance between functionality and design, including integrating bursts of colour that Marguerite loved without compromising the light, airy feel that Koichi valued.

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Exterior Home Renovation


The renovation expanded the kitchen into a large, functional space that became the heart of the home. Big windows were installed to enhance natural lighting, complementing the Scandinavian aesthetic. The master ensuite was carefully designed to add luxury and convenience, while the children’s bedrooms were sized to ensure fairness and comfort for each child.

Results and Impact on the Homeowners' Lives

The transformed home now beautifully balances modernity with the house’s original character. The new layout not only meets the family’s practical needs but also creates a lively and inviting atmosphere. Marguerite’s favourite colour pops, including yellows and blues, add personality to the neutral backdrop, making the home a true reflection of both their styles.


“We recommend them all the time,” Marguerite shared, reflecting on the personal touch Eagleview added to the process. “It really felt like your friends were helping you out. They cared about us and our house and that we would be happy in the long run.”


Koichi and Marguerite’s experience underscores the importance of choosing a renovation partner who listens and adapts to homeowners’ evolving visions. Eagleview Construction not only delivered on the couple’s initial requirements but also ensured their home would continue to meet their family’s needs well into the future.

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