Enhancing Accessibility: Wendy and Don’s Home Renovation for Aging in Place with Eagleview Construction


Wendy and Don have cherished their home in the Victoria Park neighbourhood since 1979. As the years passed, they faced the challenge many homeowners encounter: adapting their beloved home to meet their evolving needs as they age. They wanted to ensure they could continue enjoying their home and neighbourhood without the limitations caused by conventional home layouts that aren't designed for reduced mobility.

Identifying the Need for Change

The realization came when they noticed that their home lacked essential features like a ground-floor bathroom, and the steps and doorways could potentially become obstacles. They saw friends and family struggle with similar issues and decided proactive changes were needed to make their home more accessible.

*Our Design Packages are specifically tailored to 
your project's requirements.
*Our Design Packages are specifically tailored to 
your project's requirements.
Custom Home Renovations

Homeowner's Needs

Their primary goal was to remodel their home to be completely accessible, incorporating features that would allow them to age in place comfortably. This included wider doorways, deletion of all steps, and the addition of necessary amenities on the ground floor to accommodate potential future mobility needs.

EagleView Construction Approach

Wendy and Don sought multiple quotes for their renovation project, but they found Eagleview Construction’s quote to be the most reasonable when considering all of their needs, making the decision to choose Eagleview an easy one. They appreciated that Eagleview embraced the concept of aging in place, unlike other contractors who focused more on the limitations and challenges involved in such a project.

The Eagleview Construction Approach

Eagleview stood out because of their positive approach and willingness to find solutions. Where other contractors saw obstacles, Eagleview saw opportunities. They were committed to transforming Wendy and Don’s vision into reality, adapting their long-time home into a space that could support them as their needs changed.

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Exterior Home Renovation


The renovation transformed their house into a welcoming, wheelchair-friendly home. The changes not only made the house more accessible but also turned it into the preferred gathering spot for their family. Their children and grandchildren now prefer meeting at Wendy and Don’s house, and during a brief family renovation, it even accommodated extended family stays comfortably.

Impact on Their Lives

This renovation has significantly improved Wendy and Don’s quality of life, ensuring that they can stay in their home and neighbourhood without concerns about accessibility. The house now supports their independence and brings their family closer, enhancing their social and family life.


"If any of our friends were thinking about doing a renovation to age in place, we would certainly recommend Eagleview," said Wendy. Don added, "They understood our needs and brought the creativity and skill needed to transform our older home into a better living space for aging."


Wendy and Don’s proactive approach to adapting their home has set a wonderful example for planning ahead. Their story highlights the importance of considering long-term needs and choosing a renovation partner like Eagleview Construction, who understands and supports these goals.

Are you considering making your home more accessible or preparing to age in place? 

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