Creating a Forever Home: Amy and Maureen’s Expansion with Eagleview Construction


Amy and Maureen Rockel loved their life on Islington Avenue in Kitchener, but faced a turning point in their family life. With their family growing, the Rockels found themselves needing more space in their beloved neighborhood. Friends had recommended Eagleview Construction after a successful bathroom renovation, sparking the decision for Amy and Maureen to embark on their own home expansion journey.

With an eight-year-old daughter and newborn twin boys, the Rockels quickly realized their current home configuration was too cramped. The twins had different sleeping needs, which made it imperative to create individual bedrooms for them. Amy and Maureen were committed to staying in their neighborhood, making an expansion the preferred solution to their space issues.

*Our Design Packages are specifically tailored to 
your project's requirements.
*Our Design Packages are specifically tailored to 
your project's requirements.
Custom Home Renovations

Homeowner's Needs

What They Wanted

The Rockels envisioned a home that could accommodate their growing family without sacrificing the community ties they cherished. They wanted to add substantial living space, including two new bedrooms, an additional family room, and crucially, an en suite to transform a previously compromised middle bedroom.

EagleView Construction Approach

From the start, Eagleview’s team, led by Ian and Ben, were clear about the possibilities within the Rockels’ budget. They communicated transparently about the costs and practical aspects of the expansion, ensuring that Amy and Maureen could make informed decisions throughout the process.

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Exterior Home Renovation


The renovation added about 420 square feet to the Rockels’ home. This extension included two well-planned bedrooms tailored to their children’s needs, a spacious family room for shared activities, and an en suite that quickly became the couple's favorite space.

The home expansion allowed Amy and Maureen to transform their existing house into their "forever home." The additional space has not only provided comfort and privacy for each family member but also enhanced their daily living experience.


“The people make Eagleview what it is,” Amy shared, appreciating the consistent, honest communication from Ian and Ben. Maureen added, “We’ve created exactly what we wanted and needed. We love our home, we love our neighbors.”

Amy and Maureen’s story is a perfect example of how a thoughtful home expansion can fulfill a growing family's needs without leaving a cherished neighborhood. Eagleview Construction’s commitment to clear communication and tailored solutions turned their vision into a tangible reality.

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